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Thanh Van Industrial Cluster Bac Giang province

I. Overview of Thanh Van Industrial Cluster

RSL Group would like to introduce an overview of Thanh Van Industrial Cluster as follows:

  • Name: Thanh Van Industrial Cluster – Bac Giang.
  • Scale of planning area: 50 hectares.
  • Location: Tam Hop village, Thanh Phac village and Dong Diem village in Thanh Van commune, Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province.
  • Operating time: 50 years (2017-2067)
  • Attractive industries: Mechanical manufacturing industry, electrical equipment, electronic manufacturing and assembly, high-tech products, garments, construction machinery and equipment, medical equipment and supporting industries support.

Thanh Van Industrial Cluster creates conditions to attract investors, especially investors producing electronic components to serve the assembly of SamSung Group products.
Human Resources
Bac Giang has a population of 1,800,000 people, of which up to 900,000 people of working age are highly specialized. In particular, the rate of trained workers in Bac Giang by 2020 has reached 55% of the workforce, very suitable for the recruitment needs of businesses. Of which, Hiep Hoa district has a population of 227,069 people; The second most populous in the province, the number of people of working age accounts for about 44.8% of the population, the rate of trained workers is 49.2%.
The province currently has 01 university, 3 colleges, 4 professional secondary schools and 41 vocational education establishments that meet the needs of high quality vocational training for workers and will be a human resource for development. socio-economic, including industrial parks and industrial clusters in the area.
Salary of workers: Salary ranges from 4,500,000 VND – 7,000,000 VND.

Thanh Van Industrial Cluster Bac Giang province

II. Geographical location of Thanh Van Industrial Cluster

The industrial cluster has very favorable traffic conditions, convenient for investors in supporting industrial production to invest in production and business in the industrial cluster: Right next to National Highway 37 and far from Thang town, Hiep district Draw 4.5km. In particular, CCCN is considered a place with convenient traffic terrain and travel distance to many areas, specifically:

  • Hanoi capital: 55km;
  • Bac Giang city center: 28km;
  • Noi Bai airport: 35km;
  • Hai Phong port: 122 km;
  • Huu Friendship border gate: 139 km.
  • Samsung Bac Ninh industrial park: 25km

Thanh Van industrial cluster is located in Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province – this is an area with quite convenient roads, with three main routes: National Highway 37 from Dinh Tram to Thang (Hiep Hoa district) 17 km long), provincial road 295 Dong Xuyen – Thang to Cao Thuong (the section through the district is 20 km long), road 296 connects Thang through Vat bridge to Pho Ni (the section through the district is 9.5 km long). In addition, there are two routes only within the district: provincial road 288 from Thang to Lu and Gam wharf is 9 km long, from Thang to Que Son wharf is 5 km long. The above five roads are all paved. Provincial Road 295, Thang – Dong Xuyen section has been improved, especially Mai Dinh – Dong Xuyen Bridge has been completed.

Thanh Van Industrial Cluster Bac Giang province rsl group 2

III. Infrastructure in Thanh Van Industrial Cluster

With an area of 50 hectares, Thanh Van Industrial Park is designed synchronously and modernly with a large internal transportation system, large green area, electricity, water supply and drainage. Division of industrial land plots with diverse and flexible areas, meeting many types of industries and business needs, to ensure investment attraction needs as well as business plans of investors. During future operations, depending on the specific needs of the investor, the scale of each factory can change flexibly.

Traffic system: The internal road system is designed according to standards, ensuring convenient circulation of vehicles for businesses and transportation of goods.
Main road: 26.5m
Branch road: 16.5m
Power supply system: National power system (110KV, 220KV…): There is a 35KV line and a 110KV transformer station, underground power lines connecting to the factories.
Clean water supply system: Water volume (m3/day): 3,500m3/day can increase to 6500m3/day respectively in each stage.
Waste treatment system: Factory standards: Collected for treatment at specialized factories Maximum treatment capacity (Tons/day): According to the city’s waste treatment capacity Waste treatment capacity Current waste (tons/day): According to the city’s waste treatment capacity.

Fire fighting system: Fire hydrants are installed throughout the internal route directly connected to the water supply. The professional fire protection agency is only 2km from the industrial complex.
Communication system: Internet: High-speed fiber optic Internet, domestic and international phone calls 24/7.

Thanh Van Industrial Cluster Bac Giang province rsl group 3

IV. Expense

Infrastructure maintenance fee: 0.5 USD/m2/year. (excluding VAT)
Land rent: According to state regulations from time to time, changes every 5 years.
Industrial cluster management fee: 1 USD/m2/year. This fee is paid annually in the first month of the year.
Electricity usage fee: According to EVN regulations
Clean water usage fee: 0.40 USD/m3. The amount of clean water used is calculated according to the reading on the water meter.
Wastewater & solid waste treatment fee: 0.28 USD/m3. The quality requirement before treatment is class B, after treatment it is class A.

V. Investment incentives

Regarding land rental incentives:

  • Apply uniform land rental prices for domestic and foreign businesses with a lease term of 50 years.
  • Stable time for land rental unit price: 5 years, after expiration, the new price is calculated based on the new price level of the People’s Committee of Bac Giang province.

Investment incentives for infrastructure investors:

  • Support businesses to apply for construction permits to build factories.
  • Consulting and constructing factories in the shortest time and at the most economical cost.


Above is all the detailed content about Thanh Van Industrial Cluster. RSL Group hopes to be able to provide useful information to readers. Learn about other Redsunland products here.

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