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Nham Son Yen Lu Industrial Cluster, Bac Giang province

Du An KCN Yen Lu

I. Overview of Nham Son Yen Lu Industrial Cluster – Bac Giang

RSL Group would like to introduce an overview of the Nham Son Yen Lu Industrial Cluster project as follows:

  • Name: Nham Son Yen Lu Industrial Cluster – Bac Giang
  • Operating term: 50 years (until 2068)
  • Location: in Nham Son commune and Yen Lu commune, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang
  • Scale: 75 hectares

    Overview of Nham Son Yen Lu Industrial Cluster - Bac Giang

Attractive industries: Nham Son Yen Lu IP is a multi-industry industrial cluster. The approved environmental impact assessment report includes the following fields of activity: Electronics – Mechanical; Garment; Processing industry (Food processing, animal feed, poultry, seafood); Building materials; Supporting industries.


Human Resources:

  • The population of Bac Giang province: about 1.6 million people. Of which 60% are of working age.
  • The population of Yen Dung district is 135,000 people.
  • Nham Son Yen Lu Industrial Cluster is located in an area with labor wage region 3. The region has many young workers.

Cum cong nghiep Nham Son Yen Lu redsunland

II. Geographical location of Nham Son Yen Lu Industrial Cluster

Nham Son Yen Lu industrial cluster is located on National Highway 17, very conveniently connected to the airport, seaport, and major city centers such as Hanoi and Bac Ninh via National Highway 1A and National Highway 18.

This is considered a prime traffic location, with high connectivity to areas in the economic region. Specifically :

  • 55km from Hanoi city;
  • 12km from Bac Ninh city;
  • 45km from Noi Bai airport;
  • 100km from Hai Phong port;
  • 95km from Cai Lan port;
  • 130km from Huu Nghi Viet Trung border gate.

III. Infrastructure in Nham Son Yen Lu Industrial Cluster

Nham Son Yen Lu industrial cluster is invested in a synchronous infrastructure system to serve businesses operating in production and business activities in the cluster.

Traffic road:

Internal roads of 38m and 22m are invested to connect to each plot of land with standard road bed loads, ensuring container trucks and large trucks operate normally.

Drainage system:

The industrial park has two separate rainwater and wastewater drainage systems. The rainwater drainage system includes an open ditch system surrounding the project and an underground sewer system with diameters of D600 – D1000 and 1.2m x 1.5m box sewers to ensure drainage of the industrial park without flooding.

Water supply system:

The clean water supply system is invested underground along the roads with water supply pipe diameters D110 to D260. Water is supplied from a water exploitation plant with a total capacity of 12,000m3/day and night.

Electricity distribution system:

According to the agreement of Bac Giang Power Company in document 1405/PCBG-P4, in the industrial park, land will be arranged to locate the 110/22kv Yen Lu station (2x63MVA) with power from Bac Ninh and the 220/110kv Yen Dung station + station. 110/22kv Yen Lu 2 (2x63MVA) to supply power to Yen Industrial Park and surrounding areas. The total power supply capacity for the industrial park is about 86.6MVA.

Sewerage system:

Domestic wastewater and production wastewater in industrial factories are treated locally before being discharged into the general sewer system, then brought to the treatment station located in the technical infrastructure land. Wastewater must be treated to grade A according to regulations and then discharged into the stormwater drainage system;

Fire protection:

Automatic fire protection system

Telecommunications system:

Full telephone system, internet network

Green tree planning: 15%

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IV. Expense

Currently, Yen Lu Industrial Cluster is in the implementation phase, and will soon be put into operation.

Land rental costs will be very competitive compared to industrial parks in the area.

The expected rental price is about 88 USD/m2/lease term (50 years).

The costs of management fees, infrastructure maintenance, electricity and water costs are decided by the Industrial Park Management Board and the People’s Committee of Bac Giang province.

Labor costs are also relatively cheap, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province is located in an area with labor salary zone 3 with a minimum salary of 3,430,000 VND/month. Very competitive compared to neighboring provinces.

V. Investment Incentives

Apply a lower corporate income tax rate than the normal tax rate for a term or the entire duration of the investment project; corporate income tax exemption and reduction;

Exemption from import tax for goods imported to create fixed assets; raw materials, supplies and components to implement investment projects;

Exemption or reduction of land rent, land use fees, and land use tax.