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Trang Due Industrial Park, Hai Phong City

Trang Due Industrial Park is the largest and leading industrial park in Hai Phong City with a total area of more than 400 hectares with 2 phases with an occupancy rate of 95%, built according to the scale of a modern architectural complex. : Industrial park – Urban area – Entertainment and service area. Currently, the industrial park management board is researching to expand the industrial park phase 3 with a scale of more than 600 hectares, located in An Lao, Hai Phong.

Trang Due Industrial Park

Trang Due Industrial Park


I. Overview of Trang Due Industrial Park

RSL Group would like to introduce an overview of the Trang Due Industrial Park project as follows:

  • Name: Trang Due Industrial Park (Trang Due IP)
  • Location: An Duong District, Hai Phong City
  • Area: 400hectares
  • Occupancy rate: 90%
  • Operating term: 50 years (2011 – 2061)
  • Industry attracting investment: Investment in production of high-tech products, electrical assembly, supporting industries, environmentally friendly product manufacturing industries…


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Up to now, Trang Due Industrial Park has attracted over 100 domestic and foreign investment projects licensed and put into operation, of which a typical project is LG Group with a capital of billions of dollars. USA and LG’s satellite businesses such as Haengsung, DongYang, Bucheon, etc. Investment projects in Trang Due Industrial Park mainly produce electronics, with modern technology production lines. Trang Due Industrial Park is the industrial park with the highest technology and investment density in Hai Phong City – contributing to making the city the leading locality in the country in attracting FDI capital in recent years.

II. Location of Trang Due Industrial Park


Trang Due Industrial Park is located on National Highway 10, between National Highway 5A and Hanoi – Hai Phong Expressway, these are vital traffic routes, transporting goods in the Northern region, in addition to connecting with the North. Highway 18 specializes in serving international tourists and transporting goods from the North of Vietnam. It can be said that Trang Due IP has an extremely important strategic geographical position in Hai Phong, located in the triangular economic region of Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh.

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  • To Hai Phong port: 15 km
  • To Hanoi city center: 90 km
  • To Noi Bai International Airport: 110 km
  • To Cai Lan Port – Quang Ninh: 45 km

III. Infrastructure in Trang Due Industrial Park

Internal transportation system:

  • The main internal road system and branch roads are planned to meet international standards, built with large tonnage to ensure traffic connecting the Industrial Park with the infrastructure system outside the Industrial Park.
  • Main road: 32m wide (4 lanes), Branch road: 23m wide

Factory and office system:

Standard factories of 4,000 m² – 6000 m² with a total area of 100,000 m2 are pre-built to serve the rental and use needs of investors. Investors can immediately go into production because of the sustainable structure and perfection of the factory.


Power system:

The 110/35/22KV transformer station is installed with the most modern and advanced equipment line, with a capacity of 2x63MVA used to supply electricity exclusively to the Industrial Park, ensuring sufficient and stable power supply for the entire Industrial Park.

Clean water system:

  • Water source is provided by Vat Cach water plant (Hai Phong) with a capacity of 20,000m3/day and is currently upgrading to 30,000m2/day to ensure adequate and stable water supply for businesses in the Industrial Park.
  • Trang Due clean water treatment plant phase 1 with a capacity of 5,000m3/day (total capacity of 13,500m3/day) is currently in the trial operation phase to proactively serve the clean water supply for secondary investors, contributing to improving infrastructure in the industrial park.

Wastewater treatment system:

Industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater are collected and treated at wastewater treatment tanks Phase 1: 5000m3/day to ensure wastewater treatment according to standard A Regulation 40:2011 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on wastewater.

Communication system:

The communication system in the industrial park is currently provided by leading telecommunications companies such as: VNPT, EVN-telecom… Modern communication system with separate cable lines, ADSL… Covering the entire Industrial Park, fully and quickly meeting the domestic and foreign communication needs of investors.

Other utilities:

Trang Due Industrial Park not only has synchronous and modern infrastructure, but also provides customs procedures, transportation, storage, and yard services to facilitate the import and export of goods for businesses in the Trang Due IP.

IV. Costs in Trang Due Industrial Park.

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  • Land rental price with infrastructure in Trang Due IP ranges from: 85-100 USD/m2/project life cycle
  • Clean water/electricity price: according to current regulations of Hai Phong City People’s Committee
  • Management fee: 0.5 USD/m2/year

V. Investment incentives of Trang Due Industrial Park.

  • Enjoy a corporate income tax rate of 10% applied for 15 years, calculated continuously from the first year the enterprise has revenue from activities entitled to tax incentives and equal to 25% in the following years;
  • In particular, corporate income tax exemption for 4 years, 50% reduction of tax payable for the next 9 years
  • Besides, Vietnamese and foreigners working in the Economic Zone are entitled to a 50% reduction in income tax for those whose income is subject to personal income tax.

This is an article about Trang Due Industrial Park – an ideal investment location in Vietnam for domestic and international businesses, hoping to provide useful information to readers. For detailed advice on investment opportunities in Trang Due Industrial Park, contact us immediately via:

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