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Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park, Bac Ninh province

Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park, Bac Ninh province



1. Legal information

Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park was approved by the Prime Minister to plan the development of Vietnam’s Industrial Parks in Official Dispatch No. 1107/QD-TT dated August 21, 2006. After many adjustments, currently the total area of the entire zone is 504 hectares, divided into 2 subdivisions: Division A with the industrial park infrastructure investor is Khai Son Joint Stock Company and subdivision B with the industrial park infrastructure investor is Khai Son Joint Stock Company. Trung Quy Bac Ninh Investment Joint Stock Company.

Subdivision B is invested with a total registered investment capital of 1,357 billion VND; Construction started in September 2018. with a total area of 375.97 hectares, of which the industrial park area is 300.04 hectares, the urban area serving the industrial park has an area of 75.93 hectares. Current industrial park. The industrial park is expected to be put into use in 2019. Currently, the industrial park has attracted many domestic and foreign investors with a large total investment capital.

2. Geographical location

Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park, located in Thanh Khuong, Dai Dong Thanh, Song Ho, Gia Dong, Dinh To and Hoai Thuong communes of Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province. The Industrial Park is located along National Highway 17, Pho Ho – Phu Thuy route, south of Ho town. The industrial park has a favorable location with a synchronous traffic connection network, convenient for transporting people and goods by sea, road and air.


  • 27km from Hanoi city;
  • 20km from Bac Ninh city;
  • 85km from Hai Phong port;
  • 55km from Noi Bai international airport;
  • 20km from Tri Phuong inland port;
  • 29km from Que Vo inland port.

The favorable location of the Industrial Park facilitates the operations of investors, especially in transporting raw materials and goods into and out of the industrial park.

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3. Labor source

With convenient transportation location, Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park attracts a large number of local labor force. The total population of 5 districts surrounding Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park is 803,640 people, of which men are 409,856 people, women are 393,784 people, male / female ratio = 49% / 51%. The number of people of working age is 410,000 people, accounting for 51%. Average age is 27 years old.

Near Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park there is Ho town, Hoai Thuong commune, Song Ho commune, Dai Dong Thanh commune; Thuan Thanh district has 01 town and 17 communes, the total area of the district is 118 km2, population 176,000 people.

In addition, surrounding areas without industrial parks can also supplement certain human resources. The location adjacent to Hanoi and provinces and cities in the northern key economic region also helps Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park attract high-quality labor force from Hanoi and satellite cities. Reference salary for some positions in industrial parks:

  • The lowest monthly basic salary for employees of foreign-invested enterprises is 3,710,000 VND (160 USD); The average monthly income of unskilled workers is 3,800,000 – 5,300,000 VND (180 – 250 USD).
  • The average monthly salary of engineers, technical staff and office staff is 6,000,000 – 10,000,000 VND (261 – 435 USD).
  • The average monthly salary of business managers such as department heads, chief accountants, and factory managers is 12,000,000 – 17,000,000 VND (522 – 740 USD). Director 1,000 – 1,500 USD/month.


1. Infrastructure

Regarding internal traffic of the Industrial Park

The main road is designed by the investor with two directions of 37 meters wide with 6 lanes to ensure convenient circulation of people and goods in the industrial park. The sidewalk for pedestrians is 6 meters wide; Along the routes are fully equipped with electric lighting systems, electricity, water and information supply systems. Underground installation ensures both safety and landscape for the industrial park.

About power supply

Electricity in the industrial park is guaranteed by the national grid with a voltage of 110/22 KV. The power network capacity reaches 45 MVA. The investor of Thuan Thanh 3 Industrial Park has invested in construction and completed electrical connections to each plot of land in the Industrial Park.

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About water supply

The investor of Thuan Thanh 3 Industrial Park designed and built a clean water factory in the industrial park with the factory’s clean water supply capacity of 20,000m3/day and night. Such clean water supply capacity ensures to meet the production needs of factories in the Industrial Park. Water pipes have been completely connected to each plot of land.

About wastewater treatment

The wastewater and rainwater treatment plant systems in the Industrial Park are designed and built separately. The industrial park also designs a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 15,000m3/day and night, ensuring standards to meet environmental conditions according to the law, ensuring businesses can feel secure in production. .

About telecommunications services

The information network system in the industrial park is provided by major domestic carriers, ensuring transmission lines meet international standards, ensuring to meet the needs of international and domestic telecommunications services for domestic businesses. Industrial area.

About fire prevention

The fire protection water supply system is arranged along the main roads and branch roads in Thuan Thanh 3 Industrial Park. Installation density of 150 meters 01 fire hydrant, fire hydrant diameter D150mm, ensuring rescue promptly when an unfortunate fire or explosion occurs in the industrial park.

About trees and landscape

The investor of Thuan Thanh 3 Industrial Park also focuses on arranging green areas in the industrial park, not only to create a green landscape in the industrial park but also to help create a fresh atmosphere for workers in the industrial park. . The proportion of green trees on the water surface accounts for 13.29% of the total area of the Industrial Park.

2. Service infrastructure

About the Bank

Large banks such as Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam, and other banks all have transaction offices in the Industrial Park. This creates favorable conditions for payment transactions of businesses in the Industrial Park.

About the worker dormitory

In the planning of the Urban Area serving Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park, there is a plan for land to build low-income, social housing to serve workers in the Industrial Park. The goal is to create a secure and settled position for workers, ensuring the attachment of workers to businesses.

About educational services

There are 02 universities in the area with 4,200 graduates each year, the next year ratio is 53%/ 47% and 05 high schools in the area, 1,600 graduates, male/female ratio = 49 %/ 51%. There are 03 vocational education centers in the area, 570 graduates, male/female ratio = 52%/ 48%. This workforce ensures to meet the needs of unskilled labor as well as highly qualified labor for businesses in the area.

III. Rental costs and investment incentives at Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park

1. Rental costs

– Industrial park for rent with a minimum area of 2 hectares.
– Unit price for subleasing land associated with technical infrastructure in the Industrial Park: 2,089,800 VND – 2,337,000 VND/m2 depending on location (equivalent to 90$ – 100$ USD/m2)
– Annual land rent according to regulations of the People’s Committee of Bac Ninh province: according to the announcement of the competent State agency of Bac Ninh province.
– Management, upkeep and maintenance fee for industrial park infrastructure: 18,500 VND/m2/year (equivalent to 0.794 USD/m2/year).
– Electricity fee: According to the electricity price of Bac Ninh Electricity Company.
– Clean water fee: 12,000 VND/m3 (equivalent to 0.515USD/m3);
– Wastewater treatment costs: Wastewater volume is calculated as 90% of the input water volume used, about 17,000 VND/m3 (equivalent to 0.730 USD/m3).
– Phone and internet installation: According to supplier fees.
– One-time connection fees: connecting water, wastewater, electricity systems…: 150,000,000 VND

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2. Industry that attracts investment

Thuan Thanh 3 Industrial Park focuses on attracting occupations: Mechanical and electronic assembly industry; Agricultural and forestry product processing industry; Textile industry and consumer goods production; Construction materials production industry. Thus, the industrial park focuses on attracting modern industries and ensuring environmental regulations, ensuring an investment environment for businesses.

3. Tax incentives in industrial parks

Regarding corporate income tax, incentives are applied continuously from the first year the enterprise has taxable income from the investment project; In case an enterprise has no taxable income in the first 3 years from the date of revenue from the investment project, the tax exemption or tax reduction period is calculated from the fourth year. General incentives: Exemption for 02 years, 50% reduction for the next 04 years (20% applicable tax rate). Incentives for high-tech enterprises and supporting industries: Preferential tax rate of 10% for 15 years, exemption for 04 years. year, 50% discount for the next 9 years.

Regarding import tax, Exemption from import tax on goods that create fixed assets for the project (Equipment, machinery; Specialized means of transport in the technology chain and means of transport to transport workers; Components, details, separate parts, spare parts, fixtures, molds, accessories accompanying equipment, machinery, and specialized means of transport; Raw materials and supplies used to manufacture equipment and machinery included in technological lines or to manufacture components, details, separate parts, spare parts, fixtures, molds, accessories accompanying equipment and machinery; Construction supplies that cannot be produced domestically).

Thuan Thanh 3 Industrial Park takes advantage of its favorable geographical location, attracting an abundant workforce, both unskilled and high-quality workers. The location is adjacent to many key provinces and cities, helping investors in the industrial park easily move and trade between provinces. Therefore, since coming into operation, Thuan Thanh 3 Industrial Park has attracted abundant investment from both domestic and foreign sources.

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