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Pham Ngu Lao – Nghia Dan Industrial Cluster Hung Yen province

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Pham Ngu Lao – Nghia Dan industrial cluster is located in Pham Ngu Lao commune, Nghia Dan commune, Kim Dong district and Dang Le commune, An Thi district, Hung Yen province. The project possesses a convenient location right next to National Highway 38 and National Highway 39, convenient to move to Hanoi center, Noi Bai airport, Cat Bi airport and Hai Phong port.

I. Overview of Pham Ngu Lao – Nghia Dan Industrial Cluster, Hung Yen

RSL Group would like to introduce Pham Ngu Lao Industrial Cluster as follows:

  • Name: Pham Ngu Lao – Nghia Dan Industrial Cluster belongs to 3 communes including: Nghia Dan commune, Pham Ngu Lao commune of Kim Dong district and Dang Le commune of An Thi district.
  • Area: 75 hectares.
  • Characteristics: Clean industry.
  • The population of Kim Dong district is 121,793 people, of which the working age of Kim Dong district accounts for 62%.
  • Construction planning for Kim Dong district, Hung Yen province will strongly develop light industry, high-tech agricultural production associated with eco-tourism.

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According to objective assessments from experts in the field of industrial real estate investment, Pham Ngu Lao – Nghia Dan Industrial Cluster is considered a bright spot in attracting industrial FDI to Hung Yen province.

The goal of the project is to synchronize technical infrastructure and landscape, meeting technical infrastructure and environmental requirements according to regulations; serving the relocation, investment, and expansion of production and business of small and medium-sized enterprises, cooperatives, cooperative groups, and household production establishments to overcome environmental pollution and fire risks. explode in residential areas, develop production, create jobs for workers, and increase local budget revenue.

The main investment fields in Pham Ngu Lao Industrial Park are light industries and clean industries, including: Manufacturing and processing shoes, sandals, and garments; Mechanical processing production; Processing agricultural and forestry products; Production of handicrafts; Types of electronics industry, automobile support industry, goods warehouse, clean technology industry.

II. Geographical location of Pham Ngu Lao – Nghia Dan Industrial Cluster

Pham Ngu Lao Industrial Cluster is located close to important traffic routes of the region and province, has advantageous location and construction land fund, in the urban and industrial development sub-region of Kim Dong district. (according to National Assembly orientations).

Regarding foreign traffic: These are routes connecting the Hanoi capital region, especially the East and West directions (Hai Duong and South Hanoi directions):

  • Adjacent to the East of the project is the road connecting Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway with Phap Van – Cau Gie expressway with a cross section of 80m wide.
  • Adjacent to the north of the project is National Highway 38 with a cross section of 46m wide.
  • National Highway 39A: plays the role of the main axis of the district transportation system and is also the main axis of the central urban area, cross-section of the road is 44m.
  • Provincial Road 378: connecting the new western urban area with southern communes and National Highway 39A. The cross-section size is expected to meet level IV standards, 2 lanes.
  • Provincial Road 377: connecting the central urban area to the East and West areas. The expected scale meets grade II road standards, 4 lanes.

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Hanoi center: 44km
Noi Bai airport: 62 km
Hai Phong port: 88 km
Cat Bi airport: 92 km
Hung Yen city: 19km
Hai Duong city: 37km
Red River port: 21km

Pham Ngu Lao – Nghia Dan industrial cluster possesses an extremely favorable geographical location near the center of Hanoi, Noi Bai airport, Cat Bi, Hai Phong port, near Hanoi – Hai Phong highway, Located close to Highway 38 and Highway 39, provincial roads 378 and 377 are very convenient when moving to other areas.
In addition, Pham Ngu Lao – Nghia Dan Industrial Cluster has the ability to attract abundant human resources because it is surrounded by many dense residential areas such as Thai Binh and Hai Duong; Large universities from Hai Phong and Hanoi provinces have the ability to recruit high quality workers at reasonable costs.

III. The infrastructure of Pham Ngu Lao – Nghia Dan Industrial Cluster

Waste water treatment system:

  • Centralized wastewater treatment plant with capacity of 2,000m3/day.
  • Sewage sewer diameter uses D400 sewer.
  • Solid waste from factories will be classified, collected and transported to the centralized landfill of Hung Yen province for treatment.

Clean water supply system:

  • Total demand: 2,700 m3/day The industrial park is supplied with water from the clean water source of Ngoc Tuan factory with a design capacity of 15,000 m3/day.
  • Fire protection system: Use low pressure fire fighting water supply system (shared pipe network with urban water supply system). Fire hydrants are connected to the water supply network with diameter D ≥ 110 located at junctions and intersections with prescribed distances.

Electricity distribution system:

Power source According to the construction planning of Kim Dong district, the power supply for the area is taken from Kim Dong 110/22kV station: 2x40MVA. belonging to Region 3 (region 3 load by 2035 is about: 13.49 mW) through 22kV lines and linked with support from Khoai Chau 110kV station.

Communication systems:

  • Switching: According to the post and telecommunications planning, the signal source for the area is taken from Kim Dong general station. Newly built subscriber concentrator system, capacity of about 500 lines.
  • Peripheral network: Includes sewer systems, cable tanks and cable tunnels running on the sidewalk. The system is underground on main roads and cable ditches.
  • Branch cable network: Connect from the main cable system directly to subscribers, using copper cable capacity: 200×2, 100x2x 50×2, 30×2…
  • Internet network Using broadband, developed in 2 methods via local network and Wimax wireless network. Mobile network Proposal to build new broadcasting stations from two main suppliers of two different GMS technologies.

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IV. Investment incentives

Based on the actual situation, specific conditions and investment capital level, investors are guaranteed investment activities and enjoy the highest incentives according to government regulations. As follows:

  • The maximum land lease period for the project is 50 years
  • Enterprises are considered exempt from import tax on goods to create fixed assets; raw materials, supplies, and components to carry out the project
  • Exemption from land rent for a maximum of 11 years from the date of land lease decision.
  • The corporate income tax rate is 20%. In addition, depending on the nature of the project, businesses are eligible for exemption, reduction of corporate income tax and other incentives.
  • Other preferential policies: other incentives depending on specific investment fields.

Above is all the detailed content about Pham Ngu Lao – Nghia Dan Industrial Cluster. RSL Group hopes to be able to provide useful information to readers. Learn about other Redsunland products here.

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