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Phuc Yen Industrial Park, Vinh Phuc Province

On January 24, 2022, the Phuc Yen Industrial Park infrastructure construction and business investment project was approved by the Prime Minister. According to the decision, the project has a scale of 111.3376 hectares, located in Phuc Thang Ward and Nam Vien Ward, Phuc Yen city, Vinh Phuc Province, with an operating term depending on the urbanization speed of the city. Phuc Yen City. At the same time, the People’s Committee of Vinh Phuc province is assigned to be responsible for selecting contractors according to the provisions of the law.

Phuc Yen Industrial Park - Vinh Phuc Province

I. Overview of Phuc Yen Industrial Park

Phuc Yen Industrial Park - Vinh Phuc Province

RSL Group would like to introduce Phuc Yen Industrial Park as follows:

  • Name: Phuc Yen Industrial Park – Vinh Phuc
  • Location: Phuc Yen city, Vinh Phuc
  • Operating time: 50 years (2022-2072)
  • Scale: 135 hectares
  • Fill rate: 50%
  • Investment attraction fields: Electronic industry; exact mechanics; spare parts; automobile and motorbike manufacturing industry; high-tech industry,…

The number of workers working in industrial parks in Vinh Phuc Province is increasing due to the development of industrial parks and the expansion of the investment scale of businesses.
With an abundant source of young labor to meet the unskilled labor needs of investors. With a close distance to Hanoi, experts and professional staff can easily join investors to develop their factories and businesses.

II. Geographical location of Phuc Yen Industrial Park

From Phuc Yen Industrial Park, it is possible to connect to industrial areas and large centers. Distance from Phuc Yen Industrial Park to strategic locations:

  • Noi Bai International Airport: 9.5km
  • Hanoi city center: 35km
  • Phuc Yen city center: 6km

Phuc Yen Industrial Park - Vinh Phuc Province

III. Infrastructure in Phuc Yen Industrial Park

Internal transportation system:

Main road: 2 lanes
Side branch road: 2 lanes

Electric supplying system:

The power source is expected to be taken from the 110/35/22kV Tam Duong transformer station near the industrial park, with a capacity of 2*63 MVA. 22kV lines are connected to each plot of land in the industrial park, floating in the air along the traffic routes in the industrial park.

Water supply system:

The water source for production in industrial parks with the highest capacity of 20,000 m3/day and night

Wastewater treatment system:

All wastewater is treated by a centralized wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 10,000 m3/day and night to at least standard B before being discharged into the Son Cao – Dao Tu ditch.

Phuc Yen Industrial Park - Vinh Phuc Province

Communication systems:

invested and built synchronously with the technical infrastructure system in the area, going underground through cable ducts under the pavement along traffic routes in the industrial park.

Fire protection system:

A low-pressure water supply system with a fire hydrant net is arranged at a distance of 100-150 m per pier.

IV. Expense

  • Infrastructure management and maintenance fee: 0.5 USD/m2/year
  •  Electricity supply price: From 0.05 USD/kWh – 0.13 USD/kWh depending on time of electricity use
  • Water supply price: 0.4 USD/m3
  • Wastewater treatment fee: 0.28 USD/m3

Phuc Yen Industrial Park - Vinh Phuc Province

V. Investment Incentives

  • Corporate income tax incentives: 100% exemption of corporate income tax for the first 02 years and 50% reduction of tax payable in the next 04 years for new investment projects in industrial parks.
  • Import tax incentives: import tax exemption for goods on the list of tax incentives, imported to create fixed assets for businesses.