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Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, Binh Thuan Province

Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, Binh Thuan Province

Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park was established by the Prime Minister according to Document No. 1022/CP-CN dated July 19, 2004 on the policy of building Ham Kiem industrial park. On December 27, 2006, the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan province issued Decision No. 3427QD-UBND on approving the detailed planning for construction of Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park.

After 2 planning adjustments in Decision No. 692/QD-UBND and Decision No. 2748/QD-UBND of Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee, the current actual area of Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park is 132.67 hectares with Total investment capital is 273,419,910,000 VND, with Hoang Quan Binh Thuan Real Estate Consulting – Trading – Services Joint Stock Company as the investor in construction and business of industrial park infrastructure.

Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park

Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, Binh Thuan Province

I. Overview of Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park

RSL Group would like to introduce an overview of the Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park project as follows:

  • Name: Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park (Ham Kiem 1 IP)
  • Location: Ham Kiem and Ham My Communes, Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province.
  • Area: 132,67 hectares
  • Occupancy rate: 90%
  • Operating term: 50 years (2007 – 2057)
  • Industries attracting investment: Seafood processing industry; Garment and leather shoe industry; Processing animal, poultry, shrimp and fish feed; Production and assembly of machinery, agricultural and fishing equipment; Electrical and electronic assembly technology; Production of consumer goods (household goods, packaging of all kinds); Mechanical industry, transportation vehicle assembly; Transit and warehousing services; Import and export (dragon fruit, seafood)


Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, Binh Thuan Province

Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park is located in an area with convenient regional traffic connections, both adjacent to the South Central region and easy to move to the Southeast region. The industrial park has a transportation network that can transport goods by road, rail, waterway and air.

II. Location of Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park


Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, Binh Thuan Province


Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park has a convenient location to help businesses easily transport goods and reach customers.

Regional connection:

  • East: About 4km from Binh Thuan station;
  • West: Adjacent to Ham Kiem II Industrial Park and adjacent to the highway connection;
  • South: About 650m from National Highway 1A;
  • North: Bordering agricultural land, about 2km from the North-South railway line


  • Located next to National Highway 1A and North-South railway
  • To Ho Chi Minh City: 180km
  • To Phan Thiet City: 9km
  • To Binh Thuan station: 5km
  • To Vinh Tan – Tuy Phong port: 100km
  • To Phan Thiet airport: 30km

III. Infrastructure in Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park

Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park possesses synchronous infrastructure with convenient connection to the highway, which will become an ideal “destination” for both domestic and foreign investors.

Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, Binh Thuan Province

Internal traffic: main road 45m, internal road 24-35m

Electrical system: 110/22KV source, capacity 2*65MVA.

Clean water system: water source is supplied from Phan Thiet water plant with a capacity of 10,000m3/day and Ba Bau Plant with a capacity of 20,000m3/day.

Wastewater treatment plant: treatment capacity of 6,000m3/day.

Communication system: 5000-digit telephone network, internet, DSL, fiber optic cable connecting to Binh Thuan province telecommunications network.

Security and order: 24/7 security service


IV. Investment costs

  • Infrastructure usage fee: 60 USD/m2
  • Management fee: 0.1 USD/m2/year
  • Infrastructure maintenance fee: 0.3 USD/m2/year
  • Clean water supply price: According to the price frame prescribed by Binh Thuan province
  • Electricity supply price: According to the state’s price frame (from 1,007 VND – 2,871 VND/kWh)
  • Wastewater treatment fee: 0.3 USD/m3 (Amount of wastewater calculated as 80% of water supply)

Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, Binh Thuan Province

V. Investment incentives

Enterprises in Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park enjoy preferential investment policies as follows:

Corporate income tax incentives:

  • Enterprises enjoy 10-year tax incentives with an export rate of 17%/year, tax exemption for the first 2 years, and a 50% reduction for the next 4 years.

Support policy of Industrial Park: 

  • Industrial Park investors support procedures related to applying for an Investment Registration Certificate, applying for a Business Registration Certificate, recruiting labor, and linking schools to train human resources for businesses. .


This is an article about Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park – an ideal investment location in Vietnam for domestic and international businesses, hoping to provide useful information to readers. For detailed advice on investment opportunities in Ham Kiem 1 IP, contact us immediately via:

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