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Giao Thien Industrial Cluster, Nam Dinh Province

Giao Thien Industrial Cluster, Nam Dinh Province

Giao Thien Industrial Cluster was established according to Decision No. 2479/QD-UBND dated November 16, 2021 of the People’s Committee of Nam Dinh province and approved the 1/500 detailed planning project in Decision No. 3909/QD-UBND August 10, 2022 of Giao Thuy District People’s Committee. Accordingly, with a total investment capital of 609.31 billion VND, Giao Thien Industrial Cluster has a phase 1 scale of about 50 hectares. This is the second and largest industrial cluster project in Giao Thuy district.

Giao Thien Industrial Cluster

Giao Thien Industrial Cluster, Nam Dinh Province

I. Overview of Giao Thien Industrial Cluster.

RSL Group would like to introduce an overview of the Giao Thien Industrial Cluster project as follows:

  • Name: Giao Thien Industrial Cluster (Giao Thien IC)
  • Location: Giao Thien commune, Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh province
  • Area: 75 hectares
  • Occupancy rate: 10%
  • Operating term: 50 years (2022 – 2072)
  • Industries attracting investment: Supporting industries; mechanical engineering; production of automobile components and spare parts; manufacturing and assembling electronic goods and electrical equipment; other processing and manufacturing industries (textiles, footwear, toys).
  • Human resources: The population of Nam Dinh province in 2023 is about 1,876,000 people. The labor force aged 15 and over accounts for about 60% of the population and on average every year there are about 8,000 – 10,000 people entering working age. Currently, the province has 31 vocational training establishments managed by the province (including 4 colleges, 5 intermediate schools, 15 centers and 7 establishments participating in vocational education). Giao Thuy district belongs to region 4 with a regional minimum wage of only 3,640,000 VND.

Giao Thien Industrial Cluster, Nam Dinh Province

According to the Provincial Plan for the period 2021 – 2030, vision to 2050 approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 1729/QD-TTg dated December 29, 2023, the Giao Thien Industrial Cluster project is one of the 4 growth poles, one of the 5 economic corridors of Nam Dinh province.

It is expected that when put into operation from January 2025, Giao Thien Industrial Cluster will create a driving force for industrial development, promoting socio-economic development of Giao Thuy district in particular, as well as of Nam Dinh province in general.

II. Location of Giao Thien Industrial Cluster

Giao Thien Industrial Cluster has a convenient location, adjacent to the coastal road section through Nam Dinh province. The route has a total length of 65.58 km, passing through 3 districts: Giao Thuy, Hai Hau, Nghia Hung, connecting to Thai Binh province at km 0+00 and connecting to Ninh Binh province at km 65+580.

The route has been basically completed, especially when the bridge over the Red River is completed, it will connect the entire route between Nam Dinh province and coastal provinces in the Red River Delta, shortening the time to Hai Phong port and the Cat Bi Airport (Hai Phong City).


Giao Thien Industrial Cluster, Nam Dinh Province


  • North: Adjacent to the coastal belt road connecting to Tien Hai district, Thai Binh and Huu Red River dike
  • East: Adjacent to drainage ditch and central sea dyke
  • West: Adjacent to the coastal belt road connecting to Tien Hai district, Thai Binh and residential areas
  • South: Bordering drainage ditches and rice fields


  • To Nam Dinh city center: 12 km
  • To the center of Hanoi capital: 142 km
  • To Noi Bai International Airport: 168 km
  • To Hai Phong port: 98.8 km
  • To Lang Son border gate: about 270 km

III. Infrastructure in Giao Thien Industrial Cluster.

Giao Thien Industrial Cluster is built in a synchronous and modern direction, the infrastructure is completely designed according to quality standards including wastewater treatment station, drainage system, clean water supply system, fire protection system, green campus and other auxiliary items. In particular, the transportation network of the industrial cluster is designed in the form of a checkerboard with roads parallel and perpendicular to the coastal road of Nam Dinh province. On the morning of March 15, 2024, Giao Thuy district held the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Giao Thien Industrial Cluster infrastructure investment project.

Giao Thien Industrial Cluster, Nam Dinh Province

Below is the detailed planning of Giao Thien Industrial Cluster:

Internal traffic:

  • The entire industrial cluster has 2 vertical trunk lines and 3 horizontal trunk lines, forming a complete transportation system.
  • Planning of internal horizontal roads of the land area, roads N1, N2, N3 and vertical roads D1, D2 (roadbed width 15.5 – 25m) and residential roads.

Power system:

  • Industrial cluster electricity 140kW/ha. The power supply is expected to come from the 22kV line, Highway 482 E3.13, belonging to the property of Nam Dinh Electricity Company (belonging to the relocation compensation line of Giao Thien Industrial Cluster).
  • Planning of 02 transformer stations. Station T1 is located near the service land 1 with a station capacity of 320kVA-22/0.4kV providing electricity to the administrative and service land. Station T2 is located near the technical infrastructure area with a capacity of 250kVA-22/0.4kV, providing electricity for the technical infrastructure area and providing traffic lighting and greenery.

Clean water system:

  • The water supply for Giao Thuy Industrial Cluster is taken from Giao Thuy Clean Water Plant with a total capacity of 2,056 m3/day and night.

Waste water treatment system:

  • Wastewater treatment station with capacity of 1500 m3/day and night.
  • The treated wastewater meets QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT, level A (Kq = 0.9; Kf = 1) and is drained into Nguyen Van Be River (VB Canal) and discharged into the Red River.

Giao Thien Industrial Cluster, Nam Dinh Province

Other facilities:

  • At the exit gate of the construction site, there is a car wash bridge so that vehicles leaving the construction site can be sprayed and washed… Fire protection system, green campus, public parking lot and other auxiliary items.

IV. Investment costs and incentives in Giao Thien Industrial Cluster

Costs and investment incentive policies in Giao Thien Industrial Cluster will be updated by RSL Group as soon as possible!

This is an article about Giao Thien Industrial Cluster – an ideal investment location in Vietnam for domestic and international businesses, hoping to provide useful information to readers. For detailed advice on investment opportunities in Giao Thien Industrial Cluster, contact us immediately via:

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