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Inauguration of MK Vision and MK Hi-tek factories

On the morning of November 11, 2023 at Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park, Binh Xuyen district, Vinh Phuc province, MK Vision Joint Stock Company (MK Vision) and MK High-Tech Joint Stock Company (MK Hi-tek) organized Inauguration ceremony of factory complex manufacturing smart cameras and high-tech electronic devices.

RSL Group – Inauguration of MK Vision and MK Hi-tek factories On the morning of November 11, 2023 at Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park, Binh Xuyen district, Vinh Phuc province, MK Vision Joint Stock Company (MK Vision) and Joint Stock Company MK Hi-Tech (MK Hi-tek) held an inauguration ceremony of a factory complex manufacturing smart cameras and high-tech electronic devices.

The inauguration of the MK Vision – MK Hi-tek factory complex is an important step in the group’s business strategy. MK Vision’s factory will become one of MK Group’s three pillars in its network of technology companies, while creating many favorable conditions in the formation and development of the Make security ecosystem. in Vietnam.

Starting construction in July 2022, the MK Vision and MK Hi-tek factory complex is built on a land area of 1.5 hectares and is invested in a modern machinery system; In which the MK Vision factory will focus on producing smart camera devices that apply edge analysis to serve security and surveillance needs, the MK Hi-Tek factory will focus on producing e-reader devices. ID and biometrics, strong security authentication devices, MK Network network infrastructure devices.

Inauguration of MK Vision and MK Hi tek factories rslgroup 1
Inauguration of MK Vision and MK Hi-tek factories 3

The MK Vision and MK Hi-tek factory complexes are equipped with electronic equipment manufacturing machines from leading American, European and Japanese brands…, along with an assembly line designed Designed by experts in the field of electronics manufacturing in Vietnam with a total capacity of up to 4 million devices/year. MK Group leaders also pay great attention to investing in production and quality management software. The entire production process is monitored 24/7 and continuously optimized using a specialized management software suite. Production stages are accurately predicted and adjusted, helping to maintain stability in productivity and product quality, thereby enhancing competitiveness in the market.

In addition, it is impossible not to mention that the highlight of the factory is the campus landscape with gardens, fish ponds and tile-roofed houses inspired by the traditional house architecture of the Northern Delta. The architectural style here shows harmony between humans and nature. These are also the cultural values and traditions of the nation that the leadership team at MK wants to retain at factories invested in and built by MK domestically and internationally.

With the inauguration of two new factories of MK Vision and MK Hi-tek, MK Group has affirmed its mastery of the Make in Vietnam value chain, from conceptualizing product design, building the supply chain, optimizing Optimizing production to quality control and providing high-tech products to the market in general.

At the same time, this event also creates momentum for MK to expand the field of research and production of products for the national defense and security industry deployed by MK Aerospace, including manufacturing cruise engines for aircraft and construction. Building satellite camera equipment for geodetic applications and national security and defense.

Inauguration of MK Vision and MK Hi tek factories rslgroup 2
Inauguration of MK Vision and MK Hi-tek factories 4

According to Mr. Nguyen Trong Khang – Chairman of the Board of Directors of MK Group: “The inauguration ceremony of MK Vision factory and MK Hi-tek factory is an important turning point in MK’s development process. Mastering technology Core is one of the important factors that determine the competitiveness of a business, especially in the context of economic globalization and international integration. This has helped MK to be autonomous in developing products and services and not depending on outside suppliers, thereby making a positive contribution to helping Vietnam master technology and become self-reliant in developing high-tech industries, improving enhance innovation capacity, and contribute to promoting national digital transformation.”

About MK Hi-tek, MK High Technology Joint Stock Company (MK Hi-tek) – a member of MK Group, was established in July 2020. With the mission of providing domestic and international markets with “Make in Vietnam” high-tech products, MK Hi-tek always makes constant efforts to research, develop and produce equipment and products containing high intelligence content, meeting international standards at reasonable costs. localization to enhance domestic user experience as well as serve international markets

About MK Vision, MK Vision Joint Stock Company was established in July 2020 and is a member of MK Group. By applying AI technology to its camera products, MK Vision has affirmed its ability to master technology as a domestic company with the goal of bringing to market high-quality smart camera solutions that serve the needs of customers. serving Vietnam’s specific monitoring and management needs.

About MK Vision’s AI Camera products

The trend of using AI Camera in the world is growing and being widely applied in many different fields such as security, transportation, smart cities… MK Vision is ready to in all aspects to stay ahead of this trend by autonomously developing camera applications, building a factory in Vinh Phuc, and gathering a team of domestic and international engineers and experts. With the advantage of autonomy in technology, research and production of AI Camera in Vietnam, MK Vision is a pioneer in applying advanced technology and the latest features in the field of security surveillance. security.

MK Vision Joint Stock Company (MK Vision) currently has 4 AI Camera products that apply data processing at the edge including AutoSecure smart dash cam, Body Worn Camera (BWC) field surveillance camera, Authentication device Citizen identification card (CCCD) with M6 chip and security surveillance camera.

With breakthrough and creative solutions in artificial intelligence applications, MK Vision’s 4 AI Camera products have solved problems such as reducing latency and enhancing system performance with data processing capabilities. At the edge, camera installation infrastructure is no longer an obstacle with connection technology via 3G/4G telecommunications networks, direct-to-cloud architecture, and the option to use solar energy; freeing up bandwidth for large camera projects, shifting from a centralized data storage and transmission model to a distributed data processing and metadata transmission model; Applying residential databases to security monitoring solutions, ensuring the legality and transparency of data; Reduce time and save resources in system deployment, warranty, and maintenance, thereby contributing to increasing competitiveness in the national digital transformation process.

MK Vision will work with partners to bring practical applications and benefits in areas including public security and critical infrastructure monitoring, risk management in the logistics industry, and analytics. user behavior, supporting rescue work, verifying and identifying users, applying the national population database to life, automating management and operating activities through Big data has been processed such as counting people, ticket control, analyzing driving behavior warnings, intrusion warnings, fire warnings, etc.