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VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park

VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park started construction in December 2007. VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park was planned by Singaporean architects and built according to international standards, focusing on environmental protection, creating to a clean, green industrial park and a modern urban area in the North of Hanoi.

VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park

VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park

I. Overview of VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park

RSL Group would like to introduce an overview of the VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park project as follows:

  • Name: Viet Nam – Singapore Bac Ninh Industrial Park (VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park)
  • Location: National Highway 1, Tu Son City, Bac Ninh Province
  • Area: 700 hectares
  • Fill rate: 90%
  • Operating term: 50 years (2007 – 2057)

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Attractive industries: High-tech industries; Telecommunications industry; Mechanical assembly and production of automobile and motorbike spare parts; Electronic components; Food production and processing; Logistics; Industrial equipment manufacturing technology industry…
With an area of nearly 700 hectares, of which 500 hectares are devoted to developing a clean industrial park with environmental standards and advanced production technology, VSIP Bac Ninh will be an ideal location for electronics and pharmaceutical factories. products, auto parts, precision engineering, consumer goods and logistics. Nearly 200 hectares of the urban area will include commercial projects, hotels, supermarkets, schools, offices, sports areas, high quality houses and apartments.

Currently, VSIP Bac Ninh has attracted more than 90 domestic and foreign investors with famous investors such as: Pepsico (USA), Nokia (Japan), Mapple tree Logistics, Josung (Korea)…

II. Location of VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park

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VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park is located right next to National Highway 1A with Provincial Road 295, an area seamlessly connected to the national transportation network and close to important arterial traffic routes. Distance from VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park to strategic location:

  • 16km from Hanoi capital.
  • 110km from Hai Phong port.
  • 55km from Noi Bai International Airport.
  • 140 km from Cai Lan port, Quang Ninh.
  • 135 km from Vietnam-China border gate (Lang Son).

III. Infrastructure in VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Park

Transportation system:

The Central Road in the Industrial Park is 34m wide with 4 to 6 lanes; Main roads in the Industrial Park are 23m wide with 2 lanes; Lighting systems are set up along the roads

Power system:

Taken from the national grid system. Ensure there is always enough supply for production and living in the Industrial Park

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Clean water system:

Water supply system with capacity of 7000m3/day and night

Water and waste treatment system:

Waste is collected, gathered and transported to the treatment area
Invested and built with a capacity of 4500m3/day and night

Fire protection system:

The fire prevention and fighting system meets national standards, fire hydrants are arranged along the Industrial Park road (about 100-120m/pole) to ensure fire prevention in case of incidents.

Communication systems:

Modern post and telecommunications network, diverse services, providing full post and telecommunications services, meeting all domestic and international communication needs.

IV. Investment costs

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Investors who rent land and factories in VSIP Industrial Park will be granted an Investment Certificate with the operating period of the Industrial Park being: 50 years from the date the Bac Ninh Industrial Park Management Board issued the Investment Certificate (November 30). /2007). During the process of leasing land, investors can sublease or transfer it to other small investors.

Cost of industrial park:

Land rental price with infrastructure: from 250 USD/m 2
Water price: according to current regulations of the Provincial People’s Committee
Labor price: reference price 300-500 USD/person/month
Solid waste and wastewater treatment fees: according to regulations of the Provincial People’s Committee and Industrial Park Management Board
Management fee: 0.4 USD/m2/year

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V. Investment incentives

Corporate income tax incentives: 2 years of tax exemption from the time of profit (no more than 3 years after operation). 50% tax reduction for the next 4 years

Import tax incentives: Exemption from import tax for exported raw materials – Exemption from VAT for exported goods and repatriation tax

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