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Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park, Quang Nam Province

Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park is one of the Industrial Parks of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, whose planning was approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 43/2004/QD-TTg dated March 23, 2004, with total  area of 361.4 hectares in Tam Hiep commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province.

Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park

Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park


I. Overview of Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park

RSL Group would like to introduce an overview of the Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park project as follows:

  • Name: Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park (Bac Chu Lai IP)
  • Location: Tam Hiep commune, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province.
  • Area: 361,4 hectares
  • Occupancy rate: 60%
  • Operating term: 50 years (2004 – 2054)
  • Industries attracting investment: Manufacturing mechanical products; Power electronics; Building materials; Production and processing of wood products; Rubber, plastic; Crafts; Textile industry; Consumer goods and exports; other types of clean industries; Glass factory; Mechanical engineering; Electrical, electronics, refrigeration industry; Agriculture, forestry, fishery and seafood processing industry; Consumer goods industry; Agricultural, forestry and seafood processing industry; Motor vehicle assembly industry; Electronic and microelectronic components manufacturing industry; Industrial assembly of civil and high-end goods; Industrial products serving the healthcare, education and training sectors; Interior; Iron and steel industry, mechanical manufacturing; Producing engine transformers, agricultural machines, auto and motorbike parts.
  • Human resources: Quang Nam province has abundant labor resources, and the quality of labor resources is improving significantly. The number of people of working age is about more than 800,000 people, accounting for 54% of the province’s population. Average salary of workers: 4,000,000 – 6,000,000 VND/month.


kcn bac chu lai tu tren

II. Location of Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park

KCN Bac Chu Lai Vi tri du an


Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park has very convenient advantages in terms of transportation, seaport, and airport. Specifically, Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park stretches along National Highway 1A and the North-South railway. The main road of the industrial park connects to National Highway 1A. Connected to the main road connecting Tam Hiep port with Da Nang – Quang Ngai highway. In addition, Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park is also adjacent to Road DT 617 connecting National Highway 1A with Dakto (KonTum), which is the main traffic axis connecting the western districts of Quang Nam province and is also a road connecting raw material sources. from communes and districts in the western part of the province.


  • The East borders National Highway 1A and the North-South railway
  • The Northwest borders Chu Lai – Quang Ngai Automobile Industrial Park
  • The southwest borders Da Nang – Quang Ngai highway


  • To Tam Ky city: 25km
  • To Da Nang city: 95km
  • To An Tan station: 7 km north
  • To Tam Hiep port: 1km west
  • To Ky Ha port: 11km to the West
  • To Truong Hai port: 3km south
  • To Dung Quat port: 25km southeast
  • To Chu Lai airport: 8km to the West

III. Infrastructure in Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park

Operating in the Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park, the enterprises’ factories are built on land with synchronous infrastructure, electricity, water, postal and telecommunications services are provided to the base of the campus factory.

Internal traffic: The site has been completed with internal traffic routes in the industrial park and connection to National Highway 1A.

Electrical system: Power is supplied from the national grid through Ky Hoa 220/110KV transformer station with 2 transformers with a capacity of 40 MVA each, providing stable electricity for North Chu Lai Industrial Park.

Clean water system: Clean water is provided by Tam Hiep Water Plant with a total capacity of 20,000 m3/day, ensuring enough water supply 24/24, connected to the fence of businesses in the Industrial Park. North Chu Lai.


Wastewater treatment system: Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park has a complete wastewater collection and treatment system with a capacity of 1,900 m3/day, completed and put into operation in 2013, ensuring treatment for all wastewater treatment systems for all businesses.

QUE 5249 1

Telecommunications system: The telecommunications system meets international standards, fully meeting the needs of communication, high-speed data transmission and domestic and international postal services.

Other utilities: Agribank Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Vietcombank, BIDV, Dong A Bank; Nui Thanh Post Office; Nui Thanh bus system; Security system; Quang Nam Central General Hospital in Tam Hiep commune, Nui Thanh district; Worker housing project is underway…

IV. Investment costs

  • Infrastructure management and maintenance service fee: 0.25 USD/m2/1 year (not included VAT).
  • Electricity price: According to the price list of Quang Nam Provincial Electricity at the time of use.
  • Water price: According to the water price notice of the water supplier at the time of use.
  • Telephone, Internet and other service fees: According to regulations of the providers at the time of use.

V. Investment incentives

Investors in Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park have the right to choose and decide on the form of project implementation (regardless of domestic and foreign investors) and enjoy the Government’s highest preferential policies for investors in Chu Lai open economic zone.

  • Corporate income tax: Apply a tax rate of 10% for 15 years; 4 years exemption from taxable income and 50% reduction for the next 9 years.
  • Personal income tax: 50% reduction for people with taxable income.
  • Import tax: Exemption from import tax for goods that create fixed assets; Exemption from import tax for the first 5 years for raw materials, supplies, and semi-finished product components that are goods that cannot be produced domestically and are imported to serve production.
  • Other incentives: In addition to the above incentives, investors are allowed to lease land and are exempt from all land rent to build worker housing; Support vocational training according to regulations of Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee and Chu Lai Open Economic Zone Management Board.

Some companies are operating in Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park:

QUE 5241

QUE 5233 1
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This is an article about Bac Chu Lai Industrial Park – an ideal investment location in Vietnam for domestic and international businesses, hoping to provide useful information to readers. For detailed advice on investment opportunities in Bac Chu Lai IP, contact us immediately via:

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