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Thuan Thanh 2 Industrial Park, Bac Ninh province

Thuan Thanh 2 Industrial Park, Bac Ninh province


I. Overview of Thuan Thanh 2 Industrial Park – Bac Ninh

Thuan Thanh 2 Industrial Park was established under Decision No. 537/QD-UBND issued by the People’s Committee of Bac Ninh province on April 28, 2009. The planned area of the industrial park is 250 hectares. Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park is located in communes: An Binh, Mao Dien, Hoai Thuong, and Ho town – Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province. Shun-Far Real Estate Development Company Limited is the project investor.

RSL Group would like to introduce an overview of Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park as follows:

  • Name: Thuan Thanh 2 Industrial Park
  • Address: An Binh Commune, Mao Dien, Hoai Thuong and Ho Town, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh Province
  • Area: 250 hectares
  • Fill rate: 100%
  • Operating time: 50 years (2009 – 2059)

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Attractive industries: Electronic production and assembly, electricity, telecommunications; mechanical; production of steel and steel products; production of consumer goods and garments; Processing agricultural products, food…
Human Resources

Bac Ninh has an abundant source of young labor to meet the unskilled labor needs of investors.

With a close distance to Hanoi and key cities and provinces in the North, it is easy and convenient for experts and professional staff to move to the Industrial Park.

Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park has the advantage of convenient transportation, abundant labor force, good support services and guaranteed logistics network… Therefore, the Industrial Park becomes an attractive destination chosen by investors. , the occupancy rate of Thuan Thanh Industrial Park is currently almost 100%.

II. Geographical location of Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park

Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park is located right next to National Highway 38. The industrial park is located near Hanoi Capital, adjacent to the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway, easy to reach the seaport.


  • 28 km from Hanoi
  • 14 km from Bac Ninh city
  • 50 km from Noi Bai international airport
  • 28 km from Gia Lam Station
  • 80 km from Hai Phong Port
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Yen Phong Viglacera

III. Infrastructure and utilities in Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park

Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park is focused on infrastructure by investor Shun-Far. The designed works are built in harmony, creating an overall planning and architectural space suitable for the landscape of the industrial park.

For auxiliary infrastructure facilities (parking spaces, toilets, power stations, water pipelines, power stations, wastewater treatment plants…) are designed and built with a minimum density, ensuring Ensure that the aesthetics of the industrial park are not damaged or cause changes to the main works and surrounding areas.

Internal transportation system

Traffic is divided into main roads and secondary roads, in which the main road has 4-6 lanes, the secondary road is divided into 2 lanes.
The road system is built with a reasonable cross-section, ensuring easy and convenient transportation to each factory.
Lighting systems are installed along the roads.
Power supply: From 35 KWW and 110 KWW lines.
The electrical network is built around the traffic routes of the Industrial Park.

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Waste water treatment system

The wastewater system has a capacity of 2,000 m3/day and night, designed completely independently of the rainwater drainage system, including a self-flowing sewer system that collects into a local treatment area reaching level C and then discharges into the system. General drainage system of the industrial park.

Recently, Shun-Far has upgraded and renovated the industrial park’s centralized wastewater treatment plant to meet the production and business needs of businesses in the industrial park, ensuring wastewater from the entire industrial park is treated. well before discharging into receiving sources, avoiding affecting the environment of neighboring areas.

This project was assigned to Ecoba ENT as the main contractor. This is the leading environmental contractor in Vietnam, having cooperated with large domestic and foreign investors, implementing many wastewater treatment projects for industrial parks such as VSIPHai Duong, VSIPHai Room; Nam Sach, Dong Van… ; Samsung Thai Nguyen, Panasonic factory wastewater treatment plants… and wastewater treatment works of PepsiCo, Vingroup, Viglacera, TNG, Hoa Phat,…

Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park wastewater treatment plant is expected to be completed and handed over to Shun-Far investor by the end of 2021.

Waste treatment system

Waste is brought to the centralized landfill and classified before being transferred to the centralized waste treatment area of the Industrial Park.

IV. Investment incentives at Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park

Corporate income tax:

Enterprises pay tax at a rate of 20% and enjoy tax exemption for the first 2 years and 50% tax reduction for the next 4 years.

Import tax on machinery and equipment:

Tax exemption for importing goods to create fixed assets; Exemption from import tax on raw materials and supplies imported to produce exported goods;
Exemption from import tax on production materials for 5 years from the start of production if the enterprise invests in a project on the investment incentive list…

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V.a.t tax:

Exemption from value added tax for exported goods.

It can be said that with attractive investment factors and the initiative in environmental protection of investor Shun-Far, Thuan Thanh II Industrial Park has become a place to attract investment in development, exploitation and improving efficiency. Using resources, contributing to creating jobs for workers, creating budget revenue for localities, and being an important channel to absorb advanced technology and management experience from developed countries.

Above is all the detailed content about Thuan Thanh 2 Industrial Park, Bac Ninh province. RSL Group hopes to be able to provide useful information to readers. Learn about other RSL Group products here